Clothing and dress

Emilio and Elfriede Segre putting on shoes
Telegdis in Costume
Telegdis in Costume
Maria Mitchell with her father, William Mitchell
Portrait of Emilio Segre
Hermann Senftleben with others on an annual excursion of the whole Institute of Zobten
The Beckmans
Hale Family
Zobten Excursion
Institute to Zobten excursion
Andrei Sakharov's paternal grandparents
Young girls related to Emilio Segre (cousins or sisters)
Children related to Emilio Segre (siblings or cousins)
Possibly Emilio Segre's grandmother
Fowler's great grandmother
Marie Curie and President Harding
Joseph Izen dressed as "Darth Vader" in class
Robert Millikan and Greta Millikan enjoying the outdoors
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