Gottingen Mathematical Society
University of Gottingen
A unidentified graduate student adjusting the counter on a solenoidal beta ray spectrometer
Engineering students at work in the electrical measurements laboratory at University of Pittsburgh
Graduate students and staff members in the Radiation Laboratory at University of Pittsburgh
View of a physics class at the University of Michigan
Students studying in laboratory at the University of Michigan
Class in practical astronomy at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
A general laboratory at Clemson University with students working
John Archibald Wheeler lecturing at blackboard
Carolyn Leach Huntoon with medical technician
Undergraduate Students at UIUC
Ronald C. Mickens (center) with a group of "outseen" students outside of Everybody's Restaurant
Ronald Mickens with a group of "outseen" students at Everybody's Restaurant
Ronald Mickens at Everybody's Pizza with three of the graduate students
Mihiri Hewa Bosthanthirige, Ronald E. Mickens, Asanga B. Arampath and Tharanga R. Nanayakkara attend International Student Day
Janette Wheeler (wife of John), John Wheeler and Zhang Tianrong with other Chinese students
Students Attend Lecture
Students Study in Library
Students View Instruments in Physics Bldg.


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