University of Gottingen
University of Gottingen Library
View of the library at the Warner and Swasey Observatory in 1930
Huntington Library
Astrophysical Journal staff in the Kitt Peak National Observatory Library
Daniel Kevles and Judith Goodstein looking through California Institute of Technology archives
View of the Burndy Library
View of the interior of the Burndy Library
View of the stacks in the Burndy Library
Steven Weinberg (far left) and Herman Koch (center) with unidentified others reviewing a book
Justin B. Munyakazi and Ronald E. Mickens near Atlanta University library
Library in Berlin
Attendees at Yerkes Observatory Conference
Library, Berlin
Niels Bohr Library of the History of Physics
Ralph Sawyer, Van Zandt Williams, Henry A. Barton and Elmer Hutchisson
Sam Schweber and Joan Warnow-Blewett conversing
Charles Weiner, Helen Wright Greuter, and Joan Warnow conversing
Eisenberger at Physics Today Roundtable Discussion


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