Informal Portrait

Richard Feynman on Kailua Beach
Sadruddin Aga Khan
Sgt. E.D. Wallis taking photographs during Los Alamos National Laboratory operations
George A. Economou inflating a balloon to be used tor raise primacord
George Thompson in the photo lab trailer at Los Alamos National Laborary
J.E. Mack at transit in center of "Z" platform
J.E. Mack at transit during survey of "Z" for Los Alamos National Laboratory
Lowry rescues film from crater area for the Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jules Aarons inspects the display of Rayleigh material at Hanscom AFB
Informal portrait of Albert Einstein
Informal Portrait of Philip Keenan
Informal portrait of Father Fulteyden
Informal portrait of Clyde Tombaugh
Informal portrait of Jacques Beckers
Informal portrait of Harrison Schmitt
Carlos Varsavsky giving acceptances at the dedication of the Villa Elisa Radio Observatory
Merle Tuve speaking at the dedication of Vill Elisa Radio Observatory
Paris Pismis at the International Astronomical Union (IAU) meeting
Paris Pismiss at International Astronomical Union (IAU) meeting


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