Lindau (Bavaria, Germany)

Emilio Segre and Isidor Rabi conversing
Emilio Segre at a ceremony for Nobel Prize winners
Portrait of Born in Lindau
Domagk and Hevesy
Brattain at Lindau
Born and Hahn at Lindau, Germany
Brattain and Bardeen
Casual portrait of Born
Portrait of Cockcroft at Lindau
Born and Yukawa Converse
Dirac at Lindau
Alfred Kastler attending conference
Dirac at Lindau
Wolfgang Pauli conversing with Max von Laue in Lindau
Dirac at Landau
Informal portrait of Edward Purcell
Dirac and Unidentified Man
Informal portrait of Edward Purcell
Franck in Lindau
Harold Urey


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