Lindau (Bavaria, Germany)

Emilio Segre and Isidor Rabi conversing
Emilio Segre at a ceremony for Nobel Prize winners
Franck at Gathering in Lindau
Yukawa at Lindau
Franck Attends Gathering
Yukawa and Dirac at Lindau
Giaever Attends Meeting
Eugene Wigner lecturing at meeting in Lindau
Portrait of Alfven
Group Photograph in Lindau
Laue Dirac and Yukawa converse
Candid Portrait of Appleton
Bardeen in Lindau.
Nobel Prize Support Group
Born, Dirac and Zernike Outdoors
Bloch and Lamb
Physicists at Lindau, Germany Conference
Portrait of Born in Lindau
Domagk and Hevesy
Brattain at Lindau


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