Cambridge (England)

Clayton and Fowler Converse
Petr Kapitsa and George Gamow conversing
Farm Hall in Cambridge, England where German Scientists were detained in the early 1940's
Bragg Outdoors at Cambridge
Clayton and Truran converse
Institute of Theoretical Astronomy, Staff and Visitors, Summer 1970
Cockcroft and Gamow conversing
Clayton and Fowler Converse
Portrait of J. David Jackson
Portrait of John Cockcroft
Clayton and Fowler Stand before Hut in Cambridge
Rudolf Peierls, James Chadwick and Geoffry Ingram Taylor conversing
Cockcroft outdoors at Churchill College
Clayton and Fowler stand at the hut
Arno Penzias at the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Conference 74
Cockcroft plays cricket
Fowler and Clayton Examine Clayton's Textbook
Hoyle at Institute of Theoretical Astronomy
Cockcroft and Gamow in Cavendish Laboratory
Fowler and Clayton Converse


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