With Family

Albert Einstein with his younger sister, Maja, when they were children
Isaac, Jeanne, Marianne Gompers and Esther Goudsmit
Samuel Goudsmit's sister, Ro, and his mother, Marianne Gompers Goudsmit
Esther Goudsmit with Jetty (Samuel Goudsmit's niece)
Esther Goudsmit with her grandmother
Family members at Ari Logher's wedding
Esther Goudsmit with her grandmother
Goudsmit family reunion dinner
Goudsmit family reunion dinner
Samuel Goudsmit's father, Isaac, and his daughter, Esther
Jeanne and Esther Goudsmit enjoying the outdoors
Samuel Goudsmit's mother with unidentified child
Samuel Goudsmit's niece, Jetty, and his daughter, Esther, outdoors
Jetty, Ro (Samuel Goudsmit's niece and sister) and Esther Goudsmit
Unidentified woman (left) and Frau Senftleben (right) enjoying the outdoors
Emilio and Rosa (second wife) Segre at Berkeley Museum Cubist Ball
Emilio Segre with wife, Rosa, at Berkeley's Nobel Tradition
Emilio Segre and his wife in Bombay area
Portrait of Elfriede Segre, Emilio Segre's first wife
Portrait of Elfriede Segre


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