Schenectady (N.Y.)

Theodore Rautenberg in General Electric Research Laboratory
Goldman Works with New Laser Concept
Greskovich and Chernoch Examine Laser Rod
Bundy with High Pressure Apparatus
James Lawson
Bundy with GE Diamond Press
Frederick Wohlstein building a condensation pump
Bundy and Dunn with Equipment
Frederick Wohlstein building a condensation pump
Coolidge Speaks to Teachers
Anderson inspects lighting units
Portrait of Bean
Found Works with Gas-Discharge Tube
Bottomley with MRI Scan
Portrait of Bancroft
Giaever, Harrison, Bean and Fisher Converse
Cheyney and Strong work on apparatus
Portrait of Charles Bachman
Beggs works in laboratory
Coolidge, Schaefer, Bragg and Suits Converse


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