Ann Arbor (Mich.)

Portrait of Bramley
Philip Morse (kneeling) outdoors in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Harrison Randall adjusting an experimental apparatus in a laboratory
Norman Wright (third from left), next is Esther Randall with unidentified others in Ann Arbor
Timoshenko, Goudsmit and Fermi at Ann Arbor
Crane in the University of Michigan laboratory
De Khotinsky with ruling engine
Lawrence Jones and Martinus Veltman (right) attend Halloween party.
Robert Mulliken and Harold Knauss in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Bramley and Bethe at Picnic
The "Small C" mathematics club at the University of Michigan
Fermi Lectures to Students
Johnson and Barton Outdoors
Conversing Outdoors at Ann Arbor
Informal portrait of Emil Konopinski
Homer Neal, Ctirad Uher, Martinus Veltman, Richard Sands, and Lawrence Jones meet during Veltman's visit to Ann Arbor
Samuel Ting
Members of the University of Michigan 'Small C' Mathematics Club in 1929
Fermi Stands Outdoors at Ann Arbor
Glaser Attends Physics Colloquium.


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