Ann Arbor (Mich.)

Mrs. Wolfgang Pauli (at left) in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Mrs. Gillette
Zaka Slawsky (rear, face to camera) and Irene Leslie (front, face to camera) traveling in automobile
University of Michigan Summer Session in 1932
Gamow, Ehrenfest and Dieke Converse
Dennison with Family
Ginsberg and Leslie Converse
Hendrik Kramers lecturing in a classroom in front of a blackboard in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Portrait of Huxford
Uhlenbeck, Kramers, Goudsmit
University of Michigan Summer Session at Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1932
Bloch Contemplates Swimming
Group on tour after International Cosmic Ray Conference; VII
Bramley and Nordheim
Hendrik Kramers descending the steps of a building in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Walter Huxford
Ann Arbor 1928
Attendees of the Theoretical Physics Colloquium at the University of Michigan in 1929


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