Rome (Italy)

Jeanne Goudsmit conversing with unidentified others in Rome, Italy
Gian Carlo Wick, Edoardo Amaldi, Antonio Rostagni, Max Planck and Arnold Summerfield conversing
Emilio Segre with a group in Italy
Emilio Segre meeting with two unidentified people
Emilio Segre meeting with unidentified person in Italy
Emilio Segre speaking in Rome
Physics Institute, University of Rome
Early Physics Equipment
Early Physics Equipment
Early Physics Equipment
Early Physics Equipment
Clayton Outdoors in Rome
Physicists Attend Conference in Rome
Marconi, Mussolini, Ellie, Townsend Outdoors conversing
Young Fermi with His Siblings
Allan Mitchell with others at IUPAP 9th General Assembly
Robert Millikan with others at the Conference on Nuclear Physics in Rome
Robert Millikan, Jean Baptiste Perrin, George Placzek, Guido Beck, Samuel Goudsmit, Walter Heitler, Arthur Compton and Giovanni Giorgi in Rome, Italy
Heitler in Rome


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