Rome (Italy)

Robert Millikan, Jean Baptiste Perrin, George Placzek, Guido Beck, Samuel Goudsmit, Walter Heitler, Arthur Compton and Giovanni Giorgi in Rome, Italy
Heitler in Rome
Attendies of the IUPAP 9th General Assembly
International Union of Pure and Applied Physics meeting
Bruno Rossi, Otto Stern and Werner Heisenberg conversing
D'Agostino, Segre, Amaldi, and Rasetti
Rees and others with Pope
Joseph Ellis and Walther Bothe
Salpeter and Lyman Spitzer at the Vatican Conference
Crowd at Conference on Mathematical Problems in Theoretical Physics
Edwin Salpeter, Lyman Spitzer, William Fowler and Martin Schwarzchild during a break at conference
Guglielmo Marconi with others at the International Conference on Nuclear Physics
Otto Stern (left) and Niels Bohr (right) exiting a building in Rome, Italy
Lise Meitner with unidentified others conversing in Rome, Italy
Gian Carlo Wick, Franco Dino Rasetti and Edoardo Amaldi in Rome at the Instiute of Physics
Lise Meitner (left) and Paul Ehrenfest (right) walking down stairs outdoors in Rome, Italy
Robert Millikan, Sir Ralph Fowler (behind Millikan), Marie Curie, Werner Heisenberg, and Leon Brillouin at a Conference on Nuclear Physics
Nicola Parravano (right) and Francis Perrin (left back) converse in Rome
Jean Baptiste Perrine, Guglielmo Marconi and Niels Bohr with others in Rome, Italy


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