London (England)

London Conference on Few-Nucleon Problem
T. Hosmer Shepherd concept of the Royal Institution of Great Britain
Einstein at Royal Albert Hall October 1933
Porter, Galor, Emilio Segre and Max Delbruck in London
Emilio Segre and others at SCIP Meeting in London
International Conference on Physics 1934
Portrait of Gebbie
Fleming Lectures at Royal Institution
Portrait of William Kelivn
George Harrison and Alfred Fowler
Chandrasekhar Converses with Bardeen
William Meggers visiting London Zoological Gardens
DeWitt, Wheeler and Fowler Attend Conference
William Meggers at train station in London-Southhampton
Portrait of Allen, age 40
William Meggers and Alfred Fowler in London at Imperial College of Science & Technology
Cohen at the Royal Society in London
Thomas Osgood (right), congratulating Sir Charles Dobbs
International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
Portrait of Thomas Smith


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