Los Alamos (N.M.)

Portrait of Tom Terwilliger
Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1943 with unidentified child in lower foreground
The first atomic bomb (1/40 second after explosion)
Inspection team at ground zero after the first atomic bomb explosion
View of Los Alamos National Laboratory parking lot
Chamberlain at Los Alamos Reunion
Portrait of Fermi
Browne Speaking on Panel
Julian Knipp with others at a Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory employee party
Cranberg with His Two Children
Alan Irwin with group in Los Alamos, New Mexico
Everly Workman (center) receiving U.S. Army Certificate of Merit
Fermi Sits at Desk Reading
Three famous Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory scientist relax at a party
Edwin McMillan, Emilio Segre, Isidor Rabi, Hans Bethe, and Luis Alvarez outside the Oppenheimer Study Center
Robert Oppenheimer, Robert Sproul and Commodore W.S. Parson during the Army-Navy E presentation
Emilio Segre in Los Alamos, New Mexico
Arthur C. Wahl at his home in Lo Alamos
Mary and Arthur Wahl enjoying the outdoors in Los Alamos, NM
Mary and Arthur Wahl at home in Los Alamos, NM


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