Moscow (Russia)

Device for the production of liquid air at the Institute for Physical Problems in Moscow
John Archibald Wheeler (back to camera) conversing with unidentified man
John Archibald Wheeler (center) conversing with uidentified males
E632 in Moscow 1991
Emilio Segre of Lenin's Office in the Moscow Kremlin
Emilio Segre during Moscow trip
Emilio Segre during Moscow trip
Emilio Segre visits St. Basil's Church while in Moscow
Emilio Segre visiting in Moscow
Emilio Segrè visiting St. George Hall in the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow
Emilio Segre outdoors in Russia
Emilio Segrè listening to a presentation in Moscow
Emilio Segre with an unidentified group in Moscow
Emilio Segre in Moscow, USSR listening to a presentation in an auditorium
Emilio Segre and Dmitrii Ivanenko
Yakov Borisovich Zel'dovich and Jeremiah P. Ostrike
Scientists gathered in Moscow to celebrate 220th anniversary of Soviet Academy of Science
Sternberg Astronomical Institute in Moscow, Russia


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