San Diego (Calif.)

Thomas Kinman at American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting
An aerial view of the John Jay Hopkins Laboratory, located in the northern part of the City of San Diego, CA
Mesa College
Mesa College
Faber Attends AAS Meeting
Creutz, Bohr and Kerst Converse at Dedication
Portrait of Dempsey
Group shot with Baski
H. Douglas Keith, Frank Padden Jr., and Joseph Mayer recipients of the American Physical Society (APS) High Polymer Physics Prize
Edwin Kintner, Tihiro Ohkawa, Dale Myers, and W.W. Fenley at the Doublet III Dedication
Holbrow and Jackson
Portrait of Marshall Rosenbluth
Vera Rubin and K. Rudnicki on top of dome of 200-inch Palomar telescope
Robert Serber, William Fowler, J. Robert Oppenheimer and Luis Alvarez at the San Diego zoo
Portrait of Creutz
Dean, Myers, Ohkawa


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