Castles & palaces

East Fasce, Castle H.
Interior Dome of Palace
Trip to Heidelberg Schloss
Interior Courtyard at Heidelberg Schloss
Soldier at Heidelburg Schloss
Soldier at Entrance to Heidelberg Schloss
Heidelberg - Schloss Interior Plaza
Hohenzollern Castle and Landscape
Van Kampen and Huang at Nijenrode
Aebersold and Lawrence at Versailles
Clayton and Kirsten visit Schwetzingen Palace
Hussein Elkholy Portrait
Carnegie Group at Leeds Castle
Masatoshi Koshiba at The Imperial Palace
Mrs. Thomas Corwin Mendenhall, Eleanor Spahn (13 years) and Katharine Spahn (8 years) at the 'Zweiger' in Dresden
Bernard Pagel and Donald Clayton before the home (then) of the Royal Greenwich Observatory at Herstmonceux Castle
Under the castle is the Uranium Laboratory - Laboratory of the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute for Physics
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