Ithaca (N.Y.)

Electrical engineering students at Cornell's Sibley School
APS Meeting
Bjorken and Glashow Pose for Photo
Brinkman at Cornell Lecturing
Mrs. Valentine Telegdi (Lia) and Morris Pripstein at Gottfried garden party
Cornell Garden Party
Portrait of Bethe
Conference at Cornell
Toichiro Kinoshita (left) and Lee Tsung-Dao (right) conversing
Edward L. Nichols, William Thomson Kelvin, and Jacob G. Schurman posing outdoors
Gottfried garden party
International Congress for the History of Science, Cornell
Lloyd Smith with others in Ithaca, New York
CESR control room
Feynman lecturing
Bethe and Ramsey at Cornell Banquet
Feynman at Cornell
Bethe Analyzing Computer Output
Clayton and Fowler Attend Conference
Clayton and Solomon Converse at Cornell


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