Upton (N.Y.)

Mock-up of a section of the Isabelle tunnel, showing a string of superconducting magnets
15-foot Palmer magnet for Isabelle undergoes a check at Brookhaven before it is returned to a Dewar for cooling to 3.8 K
Experimental floor of High Flux Beam Reactor (HFBR) at Brookhaven National Laboratory
Dilution refrigerator mounted on 3-axis spectrometer at Brookhaven National Labs
The experimental floor of Brookhaven National Laboratory's High Flux Beam Reactor (HFBR)
Top of one of the vertical dewars housing a 5-meter long prototype ISABELLE superconducting magnet under test.
Casual Portrait of Danburg
Segment of tunnel of ISABELLE at Brookhaven National Laboratory nearing completion of electric and water lines
Sam Ting at Brookhaven
MIT Radiation Lab Group at Brookhaven
View of large equipment at Brookhaven National Laboratory
Neutron spectrometer mounted at an experimental hole at the side of the Research Reactor at Brookhaven National Laboratory
Control room of the 80-inch Liquid Hydrogen Bubble Chamber
Detector used by Columbia group to study massive muon pairs produced when high energy protons strike uranium
View is from discharge end of second Van de Graaf
Inside the 80-inch Bubble Chamber Building, showing the refrigeration platform and part of the cryogenics equipment and control panel
View through the ISABELLE first-cell tunnel whiel it's being baked out
Portrait of Dalitz
Haworth at Brookhaven


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