Houston (Tex.)

Clayton and Pantelaki Work in Office
Clayton Lectures at Rice University
Casual Portrait of Clayton
Thomas Rossing demonstrating equipment to fellow attendees at the Houston Acoustical Society of America Workshop
Uwe Hansen
Uwe Hansen
Danburg Displays nCUBE-2 Computer
Jerome and Gudrun Danburg
Rice University Space Physics and Astronomy faculty
Hoyle lectures at Rice University
Clayton Lectures Astronomy Class
Hoyle and Clayton at Houston Office Tower
Clayton at Rice University
Nancy Roman at the University of Houston
Clayton Lecturing
Dufour, Lambert, Clayton, and Tomkin at Rice University
Clayton and Hoyle Converse at Rice Univ.
Edwin Salpeter and Donald Clayton in Space Science Lab
Clayton and Hoyle Converse at Rice Univ.
Clayton and Salpeter at Rice Univ.


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